Sunday School

Each Sunday morning from 10:00am to 10:45am adults meet in small groups called “Sunday school classes” to study the Bible and support one another in their faith journeys.  Each adult Sunday school class has its own unique flavor and way of offering Christian learning opportunities, genuine fellowship and missional outreach.

Any of our pastors can help you decide which class is right for you or you can read our class descriptions and join one on your own.

Lester D. Coltrane, Jr. Class

Organized in 1924 as a men’s class—men of all ages are welcome

  • Many members are second generation members of the class
  • Class prays together, sings together, engage in card ministry and support one another (and enjoys ribbing one another from time to time!)
  • Mitchell Hagler leads the class in discussion
  • Lewis Thomas serves as Class President

Living Values Class

Living Values Sunday School class is a small group of singles and couples of all ages who engage in thoughtful and spirited discussions of religious and spiritual issues related to living a Christian life.

  • We have done book discussions on books such as Mitch Albom’s Have a Little Faith and William Young’s The Shack as well as studies such as Chip Ingram’s Living on the Edge series on being an “R12 (Romans 12) Christian,” and “God as He Longs for you to See Him.”
  • Cris Davis and others rotate teaching the class.

New Beginnings Class

Consists largely of couples with school-aged children, but all are welcome

  • This is a thought-provoking curriculum and energetic class.  There is an emphasis on strong relationships with one another and serving church and community.
  • New members are always welcome.
  • Perry and Miriam Saunders teach and lead the class.

Christian Fellowship Class

The Christian Fellowship Class if made up of both men and women, in a variety of ages, both couples and singles.

  • This class is mission-minded and supports many local and world agencies as well as helping with some individual needs that are brought to their attention.  The Christian Fellowship Class understands God's call to serve others.Chrismon for web
  • Steve Cude leads the class in participatory format; the class selects curriculum which is often video based, thought provoking, Biblically based but timely topics.  There are lively light hearted discussions often centering aroung "real" life keep the members engaged and stimulated. Steve says, "we get to Jerusalem through Concord."
  • Our chalk board keeps us in touch with current projects.  Our prayer list is our call to action. "It's up to US to be the change" resounds as the true spirit of this class.
  • Ann Rogers serves as secretary and Fran Foley is the treasurer.  Margaret Dabbs serves as Class President.

Jessie Boger Class

Organized in 1944 as a class for young women left at home during WWII.  When the war was over, women invited their husbands to the class.  Since that time, the class has included men and women.

  • This class has three excellent teachers: John Boger, Ava Plott, and Iris Elliott.  The class studies Adult Bible Studies series of the United Methodist Church.  This group is  involved in missions, such as supporting a child in Central America and contributing to the Salvation Army, CVAN, Visitation/Card ministry and Community Free Clinic.
  • Frances Long serves as Class President.


Koinonia is a small group of adults (30-45) seeking to grow in spiritual formation, share in fellowship activities, and contribute to our community through mission projects. We:

  • Lead interactive discussions each Sunday morning. Past studies include Living on the Edge (being Impactan Romans 12 Christian) and Effective Parenting in a Defective World by Chip Ingram, and the Seven Areas of Life Training series, Physical Relationship with God and Adam Hamiltion’s Enough.
  • Host monthly lunches following the 11:00 am service.
  • Sponsor activities like Joy in July for disadvantaged youth in Cabarrus County and adopting a family for the Christmas holiday and participate in activities such as District Impact Day, MAC Home, Cropwalk, and other local community event
  • Host activities such as a picnic at McGee Park, Family Bowling nights, Beach trips, Whitewater rafting, ladies night out for arts and fun, and BBQ events.

Ellen Pemberton Class

Welcome to all women

  • This class started by Mrs. Ellen Pemberton.  Each year they award the Hildreth Jordan Scholarship to outstanding high school seniors and college students in the congregation; the scholarship is in honor of their teacher of nearly 30 years, Hildreth Jordan.
  • The class members enjoy each others’ company and are often seen having lunch or coffee together. The class studies the Adult Bible Studies series.  
  • Donna Johnson and others teach the class.


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