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blessing a shawl 1The Healing Shawl Ministry began at Central in 2005.  In the intervening years we have distributed approximately 400 shawls to church and community members.  Shawls are given for illness, trauma, bereavement, or, on occasion, just to show someone that they are lifted up! About four years ago, this ministry expanded to include baby blankets to be presented at the altar of our sanctuary when a baby is baptised.

There are approximately 16 active knitters, ranging in age from their 20s to 90s!  An evening session is held the second and fourth Thursdays, from 7:00-8:30.  The group always knits in the parlor and in the intervening times at home.  A few of our members prefer crocheting to knitting and that works just as well.

You do not have to attend these sessions to be a part of our Shawl Ministry.  Several folks knit at home and send the group their finished products.  They are delighted to have the contributions.

In addition to our shawl ministry we stitch for two other groups.   We stitch scarves for older folks  which are distributed to the local chapter of the ELDER ORPHAN CARE.  We make blankets for children who have been in some type of abusive situation and donate them to the CHILDREN'S ADVOCACY agency.

At the conclusion of each meeting, completed shawls are placed on a candlelit table and with all hands nestled among them, healing, nurturing prayers are said.  The shawls are bagged with cards of well wishes and sent on their way.

How can you help?  Join the group--you will be welcomed with open arms!  Knit at home and send in your handiwork!  Call one of the group any time you see a need for a shawl to be presented:  church member, family, neighbor, or friend.

There is love knitted into each stitch.  The signature card offers the following prayer:

Deep peace of the Running Wave to you,
Deep peace of the Flowing Air to you,
Deep peace of the Quiet Earth to you,
Deep peace of the Shining Stars to you,
Deep peace of the Son Of Peace to you.      
~Celtic Blessing

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